nora (elenoise) wrote,

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ceteris paribus/coriander

yesterdays and today rush by without so-much as a


spent and sigh.

i have but hope
on which i fly.

counting days,

oh "Bye and bye----

(she says as though a bother)

Where is it you keep to?"

(crocodile tears methinks)

in a transitory state.

"away, aweight."

a vague response.

but apt enough, and counting.


ps. i am off to switzerland for a year, april twenty first, four days past my twenty-first birthday.
i assure you i am always reading you and yours, poised for-kettle whistle my response... and it slips away. it is no intention of mine to be absent, but the absent minded is as does. which brings me to yet more apologies.

a smile or two.
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