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spathia/ the space between toes

a quorum.
today i am stretching, stretching, turning laughing
he took me for a drive,
i sketched and sang softly
a collection of women, starting to gather dust on my shelves,
ive misplaced my feather-duster
nostalgic for sweaters
soft, focus, refocus
drift away
row back
wash ashore

breakfast out
drive in hill country
my dinner with andre (please watch this movie)
filled the third shoebox of mail-art, still have several hundred to go before i start collecting addresses.
casey's new orleans sno-balls (half custard/wedding cake flavors)
delightful dinner
a kid for two farthings (also recommended)
framed little girl sketch by friend.

i stay away from this, when things are hairy.
ive found a way to practice storytelling.
ive found an art to practice everyday.
ive found a meditation that keeps.
ive found a relationship that i jump into laughing every morning.

im going to make that appointment.
i have a five year plan.

today, there is a direction.
today, there is solace in tomorrow.


please dont break away.

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